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Name:	Z4OGCqQ-2.png
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ID:	14330 Hi all:

    I'm not sure I remember right but I seem to recall there was an exclusive page before where you could setup a sample to be exclusive for a column or something like that? I can't remember.

    Anyway, that's what I would like; exclusive for column. This would make it like Ableton so when you launch clip #2 in the column while #1 is playing; #1 will stop and #2 will start at the next bar. This would reduce the number of screen presses I have to make when performing by a factor of 2 which is huge.
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    Look at the top of the ADSR parameter page. You should see "EXCL X" where 'X' is the group. You are not restricted by row or column. You could put all 16 pads into the same group.


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      Steve you just made my day, seriously. I could never figure this out before on the old firmware correctly. It's working perfectly as I want now, this is great!!! This is going to be so useful live!


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        It's one of those weird little features that gets overlooked (by me) but I recently found a great use for it.