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  • Polyphony

    Loving the Bitbox with the update and being able to play chords with samples! I've noticed though that notes get cut off when trying to play from chord to chord. Is it possible to double the polyphony to 8 voices? Or a possible fix in the future for the note stealing? This is crucial as I would love to use this thing to play pads live from a midi keyboard as well as in the studio recording. Thanks so much!

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    Just wondering if there’s any ideas for this? Thanks guys!


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      The ARM chip used in bitbox has a limited amount of voices, so I don't think 8 voice polyphony is possible.

      Aaron may chime in and confirm or deny this for certain, though


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        Dan's right, there is a limited amount of CPU and total voices available. It is possible to expand a single cell's number of voices, however this comes at the expense of what the other cells can play at the same time.

        We chose a 4 note limit because it gives a reasonable amount of room for most cases and prevents a single cell from monopolizing the entire CPU. We will consider making this setting configurable in the future. Thanks for raising the issue.


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          Thanks so much for the reply guys, I really appreciate it.

          Aaron - That would be amazing! being able to adjust polyphony per cell, that means I can play a synth pad sound live with a good amount of polyphony (not sure how much can be used?) and quickly adjust another cell's polyphony for the next sound to play Thank you so much! Looking forward to a development like this. Also if there can be an attack option added to make a simple Attack/Release envelope would really complete things!


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            Yes, being able to dial in the amount of voices assigned to each cell would be fantastic! Long release times can create some really cool cascading type effects, but sometimes I think it would be so cool to have a couple more voices.