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  • record 'in background'

    would love to be able to move away from the 'recording screen' while longer recordings are happening (regardless of settings, leaving the recording screen always stops the recording, correct?) - I like to resample the bitBox's own output to record longer performances entirely within the modular. I can control samples via CV or midi while recording, but it would be very convenient/powerful to be able to adjust parameters and trigger/toggle cells manually while recording - either for recording whole tracks/performances or just for resampling purposes - there is definitely an ableton-esque design concept to the bitBox and this would take it further in that direction. Perhaps an internal re-sampling bus is possible as well?

    when in the cells view the cell that has recording engaged could be a crude input meter, and display a time and/or bars counter of the recording, with a settings option to stop the recording if you touch the cell


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    Hi defenestration,

    Thanks for the suggestion. We have lots of room for improvement with recording and will keep your request in mind.


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      +1 to this for sure! currently using a Disting mk4 to record externally but would be great to be able to resample internally and/or have a bit more hands-on control of the module during recording.