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Include four screws in the box

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  • Include four screws in the box

    like all the other manufacturers.

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    I never use the screws supplied with modules as I only use Knurlies. As a result I have a box full of never-to-be-used M3s.


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      Not all manufacturers include screws in the box. I think it may be like the post above, some of us don't use them so they end up going in a bag full of other screws we don't need. Also, the manufacturer doesn't know what type of rails you have in your case so in reality to make everyone happy they would have to add 8 screws into each box. I recommend you grab some knurlies if you can. They will prevent rack rash, make it easier to add/remove modules and you won't have to depend on the manufacturer to supply a bunch of cheap screws.