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some ideas for slice mode, sample and rec

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  • some ideas for slice mode, sample and rec

    Hi, I found bitbox amazing but I thought that there are some modes that could be interesting

    rec mode:
    -volume input regolation (because I have got a radio module and I must use a mixer to low the imput)
    -dry/wet on recording imput (I have got this function on tyme safari and I always found interesting switching softly from what I'm sampling to what I sampled)

    sample mode
    -Cv on Release (assignable to one of the eight ext out)
    -Hp/Lp with cv (assignable to one of the eight ext out)
    -Bit redux/distortion

    Slice mode
    -Release for the lenght of the slice with cv assignable (I have got it on octatrack and it works perfectly to make glitch or moving)

    I hope they could be useful, thanks for the opportunity to share with you!

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    yes i agree those feature would totally improve the bitbox


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      Thanks for the feedback. We will keep your ideas in mind for the future.


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        Thanks, I would like to add other ideas:
        1)a fast double tap to reset an assigned value
        2) hold tap on the cell to enable the function copy/past/reset
        3) in general functions having the chance to choose the speed of potentiometer
        4) in loop mode the chance to anable fade in /out in order to reduce the audio clip
        5) the chance to come back to clip mode if get in on record mode for mistake


        • ThetaWave
          ThetaWave commented
          Editing a comment
          +1 for #2,3,and 4

          Fade in/out would be rad. Steps closer to making Bitbox the best module ever. (I already love it to death)

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        "a fast double tap to reset an assigned value" +1.
        For Level, Pitch, Pan and Amount with a small glyph in a corner of the parameter area to show this function is available.