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  • Editing with truncate...

    Now that I've had some time with this marvelous beast (and in addition to live input looping/stuttering) I know my first request: The ability to edit samples once recorded, particularly to truncate off beginnings of samples and then save them in that edited state.... I know detailed editing functions may be a big job but that truncate feature would be killer for many applications including sampling breaks and one shots from other sources....

    thx for considering!

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    Simple truncate feature would be high on my list as well.


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      +1 For me, it would even be enough to save the start/end/loop points with the sample. There might be some UX problem there if you want different pieces for the same sample then, but there should be a way...


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        Thanks for your request. We will keep it in mind.


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          Originally posted by Aaron View Post
          Thanks for your request. We will keep it in mind.
          Thanks v much !!!


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            sample editing!

            trim, normalize, fade in/out etc.


            • qbassa
              qbassa commented
              Editing a comment
              I know a few users in Poland who sold theirs bitboxes because of lack of this 4 features. If you ever manage to add it this equipement will have a new live, or make the source code open, so community could participate. I am sure open source bitbox wolud make it most popular platform in the whole eurorack world.

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            +1 also here


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              This would indeed help a lot.


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                +1 for me too! would be so usefull. Perhaps a good way to implement this would be too add a divide option in the slicer mode? wich would save all slice in a folder with the name of the original sample... easy to discard slices you don't want, and to recall specific slices u want to play with in any other mode through any other cell.