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round robin / random sample selection plyback modes?

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  • round robin / random sample selection plyback modes?

    so for instance you can have a bunch of drum hits in a folder and it will randomly trigger among them to make an organic impression... or maybe adhere to alphabetical / numeric order.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. Dan has shown me that you can simulate this functionality by creating a single WAV file with all of the relevant hits and then use slicing to specify which sample will play.


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      Editing a comment
      would like to link this discussion to a discussion about polyphony - the lack of polyphony in gated playback mode makes that samples are cut off when triggered faster then their decays - so the above solution is only working well for midi playback as it has 2-voice polyphony in slice mode

      would be nice to implement the same polyphony as well for gated playback ...

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    I, too, would be very interested in a round robin, random selection playback mode for a different use case. The slice technique is a workaround but it is not a substitute for the ease and simplicity of filling a folder with numerous spoken word samples, for example and then having one be triggered out of the bunch. I use a sequential switch with 8 sample cells connected to randomize a trigger between them... a lot of cables and unnecessary connections for something that could be done in software. Another use case that I would be interested in is to put a dozen recordings of percussion shakers or claps in a folder and then round robin them as the original poster, Solipsvs, suggested for "drum hits". Another idea.. experimental... record a sample per note in a given key, drop them in a folder and then randomly trigger one sample for a given rhythm... instant wind chime.


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      I also wouldn't mind this. Would be super easy to organize the samples, or just for trying things quickly - by just dropping .wav's into a specific folder.

      You can edit a .wav file and put in specific slices but that does require a lot more effort than dropping things into a folder, it's probably not something you are likely to experiment with a lot due to how it takes a bit of time to edit the .wav.


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        +1 would love to see a random select/load in the menu system or even CV controlled somehow


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          Do we know if this functionality is being considered for a future release? Thank you!


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            Yes i'm interested in this too.

            While i really like the BitBox user interface it is a little behind in some other ways in comparison to e.g Disting (which is not a dedicated a sample player or sampler really).

            Either being able to have;

            * decay for the individual loop slices or..
            * being able to just play samples from a specific folder

            In the second suggestion CV will control which sample is selected (not triggered, trigger is another input) from the folder, maybe there's a max setting of 100 files or so - this is how it works on the Disting. A LFO can select samples at random while modules like Voltage Block would make it possible to pick individual samples from the folder using specific voltage. This way we are much less limited to placing samples on a rather limited grid, or having to create long wav files with individual samples - a lot of work if you like me have tens of thousands of samples - both of these; importing samples, creating loops and importing them - much more time consuming than just selecting an entire folder and let CV do what it's supposed to do - control stuff / automate things

            Since individual samples does seem to have a decay setting this would solve the decay issue for me. It would overall be a wonderful addition to the module.

            Having drum samples which stops playing perhaps in the middle of the sample (because a new trigger interrupts) sounds terrible and is nearly unusable to me. The fun thing with a modular is after all experimenting with triggers, LFO's etc. It's of course possible to just let the loop play at its original speed and it will sound fine, but what's the fun in that in modular?

            Anyways, i really hope to see something like this in any of the hopefully upcoming firmwares. Very impressed with the updates so far!
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