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    Id love to see some effects and or filters added to the Bitbox. Having briefly spoke to you at Superbooth, you mentioned this may be possible but some voices would be lost - something I personally would be happy with. Half the amount of voices perhaps for the ability to add delays, reverbs and filtering.

    While I understand you have the FXBox for dedicated effects - space is a little tricky sometimes as you can understand, so by having some functionality of using effects within the Bitbox would be great! I should add that I don't expect you to replicate the FXBox's full functionality here as I also understand that the two firmware (FXBox and Bitbox) are both unique and are running the CPU to its near maximum already. Plus, from a marketing point of view - having the FXBox essentially inside the Bitbox wouldn't make sense.


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    The great thing about firmwares is that they're not forced upon anyone. If a user thinks that filters or other effects has way more priority than for example number of Voices, then create two firmwares.. Everyone is happy.

    I find it odd that so few developers does this (well i do understand that a FW does take time to develop, but other than that )

    Personally i would not mind something like a mix of fxbox and bitbox, i could totally live with less voices than what's currently in, half or less..


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      It's not must to be mix between BitBox and FxBox maybe some simple processors that can made without lose of polyphony
      for my opinion the most necessary is simple 3 band eq or just high cut and low cut filters for each cell.
      other simple processors that will be nice: over drive / distortion simulation, bit crusher, downsampling (sample&hold) and maybe dynamic processor for the output.
      I don't mind to use reverbs / delays / modulations or other effects that needs more cpu power out of the (bit) box
      (to be honest I don't like how the algorithms in FxBox sounds, I prefer to use other effects)
      I post idea to use the fx outs as effects busses and it can make the ability to send cells to effects more simple...
      I really want to see option to play cells from the main outputs and use the FX outputs as effects busses with deferent sends level. it could be with some kind


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        I was also thinking about this today. It would be great to switch (or even crossfade) between the outputs with CV somehow.

        Especially If fxbox eventually becomes 2 separate fx chains with mono in>stereo out!

        I agree that at the very least, a basic low cut is really needed for each cell, as it's very hard to layer samples without it.


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          Thanks for the feedback. We will take this into consideration.


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            I would def be happy with just eq or lp/hp/bp for each voice/cell.... If there is a priority in the wishlist of effects vs filters I would def personally vote filters should take priority.... just my thoughts though


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              Some effects would be nice, especially compressors, distortion etc. that would could load as cells, similar manner to the extra EXT inputs.