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Internally sound recording

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  • Internally sound recording

    I think having an option to self record would be great. As in not patch it externaly and then use the inputs to record. Just to record anything tat the module is doing/playing an option, and then mix that with the inputs. This would save some useless external patching. and could use it asa a two tracker recording. 1 - the Bitbox, 2 - inputs (whatever else). I dunno if the hardware/software is capable of recording two separate things.
    I use bitbox as my main drums/percussive machine, and would love to record it internaly and separate inputs.

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    This would be cool. I wonder if its a hardware limitation that prevents this. I have been using the FX1 out to my main mixer, and just route the cells to that when I want to re-record a loop.


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      Yes, adding "Out 1/2" as an input source would be great