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    Hi all,

    First of all, the module is great, so thank you for your hard work! ^^

    Now, I only got my hands on the module two days ago, so if I write something that may seem a little ignorant to you, bear in mind that I am half way though the manual.

    Below you will find everything what I feel is missing from the overall rich set of features. Adding these could massively improve the workflow simplicity and overall easiness of using the module. So, here it comes, hear me out.

    1. Option to delete slices & auto-assign slices to pads.

    When I slice the sample I have a bunch of slices that I want to delete, once unwanted slices are deleted I want to auto assign the rest to pads.

    2. Edit pads button

    In the main window, i.e.,, at the top of screen there is plenty of place for a couple more buttons, so I would like to see an edit pads button.

    Edit button:
    a) when edit button is clicked it takes you to the sub-menu on the same screen, where you get the following buttons, i.e., 'move, copy, delete, auto assign, auto assign user'.
    You could swap samples between pads just by holding a pad with a sample and by moving it to another pad. This operation will cause samples to switch, or you can simply copy a sample from one pad to another.

    3. Option to edit slice sensitivity. Although, I find the default sensitivity as really good, it would be nice to have additional options.

    4. Auto assign option, that was mentioned above.

    Lets propose a certain files structure on SD card from which samples could be randomly auto-assigned with a click of one button? In the main screen as the one above, you click on edit, auto-assign, the pads will be randomly assigned by being chosen from the following folders on SD card.
    On SD card you are required to have a folder Drums, in that folder you have sub-folders such as,
    Auto-assign randomly pics one or two samples from these folders. Click auto-assign again and you have another random selection. Auto-assigned samples from let's say toms folder will always be assigned to the same pads, same goes for snares etc.

    5. Once 4 is implemented I would like to see another auto-assign user button option , but this time user definable by editing the certain file where I could edit the destination from where the random samples would be taken from.

    6. Bitbox 3.0 Premium

    Merge the Toolbox – Sequencer's firmware, just the sequencer functionality, with the bitbox firmware.

    Give people a choice to buy:
    1. Bitbox and Toolbox separately, approx. 1000 pounds,
    2. Only Bitbox basic, approx, 500 pounds,
    3. Bitbox premium, approx. 700 pounds - bitbox with a toolbox's sequencer implemented within its firmware.

    I think this is the best of both worlds - you could make an extra cash and we would get an extensive functionality. Besides, lack of space does not allow many people to invest 500 pounds in an additional sequencer such as toolbox, considering there are other options available on the market.

    7. Assign slices to pads from the same window with sliced sample.

    When in slice mode window, I have a sample, I click on scan and slices are created. Lets say I have 10 of them, then I can easily assign one selected slice (slice No. 1 from 10) to the pad. It is all great up to this point, but now, if I want to assign slice No. 2 to a different pad from the same sliced sample I need to star everything over again.

    Select pad, pick sample, enter slice menu, scan, select sample, done.

    Why isnt there an option to work with a specific sample, slice it and then easily assign slices that I like to certain pads?

    Thats all for now. Thank you for your time and all the hard work.
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    Thanks for taking the time to provide this extensive feedback. If you had to prioritize your requests, how would you rank them?


    • Jsigman
      Jsigman commented
      Editing a comment
      Hi Christine,

      Your comment reminds me of something that occurred to me the other day which might be helpful for 1010 and for the community... as I have seen in this forum there are many requests of many different types, scales of work involved and degree of practicality/function .... I was thinking it might be good for you to take all of these suggestions and put them into a poll perhaps so that we could vote on our level of interest in them and thus you could see what might be most advantageous for yall to focus on to impliment.... not that I think folks on here wish for it any less than I wish for my suggestions, I certainly have seen a fair share of those suggestions that I totally could live without and Ive wondered if you guys are going to make that happen and necessarily de-prioritize those that I'm most wishing for... and therefore I'm pretty sure there are others on the flipside as me in relation to my hopes/suggestions. I thought this might provide an opportunity to kind of see the metrics of what folks want most and perhaps give us the fastest way to those most favored suggestions if you so chose to implement them....thanks for considering! .... edit: yeah ok edit I just wore out this and then noticed member named Dan write out the same suggestion in one breif sentence lol I guess I need to watch my longwindedness.... haha

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    Originally posted by Christine View Post
    If you had to prioritize your requests, how would you rank them?
    I think it would be really beneficial if you went through all of the feature requests for each of the modules and created a poll for them in each sub-forum.
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      Originally posted by Dan View Post

      I think it would be really beneficial if you went through all of the feature requests for each of the modules and created a poll for them in each sub-forum.
      Great idea Dan, I second this!

      Ypsi Kid


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        Thank you for the suggestion to create a poll. Aaron and I discussed this and we have decided not to do this for a few different reasons, including:
        1. It would take a lot of work to create and maintain an effective poll. I know, because I have done things like this in the past.
        2. This forum is not the only source of input into features. We also get ideas from talking to customers at trade shows, via email, and by speaking with the press.
        3. Public poll results could potentially lead to false expectations because ...
        4. ... there are a lot of other factors that go into deciding what features to work on, including work required, architectural complexity, product focus, and usability.

        We hear you, and we have made some changes to how we will track feature requests in the future.This forum has been an invaluable source of feature ideas in the past and we hope that will continue. Please be patient with us as we find the right balance between delivering new products and improving the existing ones. Thank you for all of your efforts in posting feature requests and bug reports. We truly appreciate all of the effort you put into them.

        We especially appreciate the effort that Dan has put into helping us out. He has helped all of you on the forums, provided input into our designs, and beta tested our products. He has also created some great videos that do an awesome job of demonstrating the modules. For all of this and more, we extend our thanks to Dan.

        We hope you all will continue to offer your ideas here so that together we can make it easier to create great music.

        Thank you all,


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          Thanks for the detailed reply. I'm glad to have been any help. I really love these modules! Keep up the great work.