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"Scan" is to sensitive

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  • "Scan" is to sensitive

    Hope this gets fixed It's a nice feature but it's also time consuming to go through the files and recordings to fix them. I'd prefer if it sometimes missed rather than the opposite.. Maybe a threshold setting? (sorry if its been mentioned / suggested before..)

    I get this all the time when i use it:

    Even if i zoomed in there was not a trace of any bump in volume at the last 2 slices.
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    Yeah I think most folks were asking for this as well. A sensitivity setting would definitely help increase workflow.

    Ypsi Kid


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      Too* sensitive. (can't edit topic)


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        I agree, a threshold would be nice. In one application I have done before on another software I added a peak threshold as well as a horizontal "Distance between splits" option. When peaks where hard to discern and you get a huge density, then I would just adjust this parameter. Not always accurate, but most time gave cool end-results and helped. It would be cool to split, then able to select multiple markers in a section of high-density. Then you could apply the "Distance between splits" concept to just that area. Just a thought