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Firmware multiloader?

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  • Firmware multiloader?

    Is it possible to have a hidden menu to allow easier loading/switching of firmware on startup? (eg. going from bitbox to fxbox)

    I can imagine it can be invoked by a button combo - it then detects the BIN files and allows you to select which firmware to load. Once loaded into flash memory, it'll then proceed to boot. If I want to go change firmware again, it's only a matter of power cycling and doing the same procedure.

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    Sorry but that just isn’t possible. In order to make a change like that we would have to alter the boot loader. The boot loader is embedded in the hardware and is not user updateable.


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      That's fair.

      How about the ability to rename the BIN files within the file explorer? I could name them to be be something like bitbox-MATRIX.bin, fxbox-MATRIX.bin etc, and then switching between them is only a matter of removing the suffix and doing the normal flash routine. Wouldn't involve altering the bootloader.


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        Since those SD cards are so cheap these days (5-7 Euro/USD), I actually prefer to just use five different cards. So all presets and samples stay on the correct cards and files don't get mixed up.


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          The cards are tiny though - I mean I easily can, but I would have to be VERY careful on keeping them safe. :P