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Outputs Expanders /Preset Change by cv offset

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  • Outputs Expanders /Preset Change by cv offset

    I love using the bitbox to make 16 voices drums,(i know, its a lot) i use 2 sequencers to do it, i would love to be able to send singular voices to separate fx chains etc, but even more i would love to be able to separate the voices so when i record them on DAW i have control in all the aspect for the drums in Post production, i know its a long shot but would be a great upgrade to the bibox in my opinion, either 8 or 16 channel output expander

    It would be great to also have the ability to switch between sample banks via cv command, i always map the samples in specific orders so when i flip banks and patterns on my sequencers i can have a different beat and sounds, i would love it for a function such as that to appear in the new firmware

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    Hi minosan,
    As I'm sure you've figured out, the change to support 8 or 16 channel output would require hardware changes. This is not something the hardware supports at this time. We will keep in mind as we design new hardware in the future or perhaps consider it for a series 2 firmware release. In the interim, you could accomplish 8 outputs by buying a second module.
    Glad you are enjoying the bitbox!

    The CV control of switching between presets is something we have heard before and could consider for a future release.