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Velocity Sensitivity for trigger in

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  • Velocity Sensitivity for trigger in

    This is kind of an advanced request i guess but here goes..

    A simple version of this would be just normal trigger sensitivity for the trigger/gate inputs so that volume is dependent on voltage in. This would impact the dynamics of the sound in a really great way for e.g drums. Something which otherwise would require a VCA.

    A more advanced version would be something which is common in the more advanced sample players. Several samples makes up 1 "instrument", where each sample of this Instrument is set to trigger at different velocities. For e.g a acoustic snare you would then set it up so that harder hits are on stronger velocity, weak hits are on low velocity. This makes for very dynamic and natural sounding drums, or for more experimental music where each velocity is a completely new sample within a "theme" for this instrument.

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    Thanks for rising this point. We are thinking about it. In the meantime, please know that bitbox does have a MIDI velocity control that can be applied to volume (default) or any of the other voice parameters, like start position.