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  • Live looping features wishlist

    I'm consolidating this from some other posts I've made, so it's all in one place, and perhaps other people can weigh in on what they'd like to see for live looping.

    In my setup, I've got the 4 bitbox outputs playing 4 different kinds of mono samples, like:

    Out 1: <nothing pre-set, but i'll record a bass line while playing a live set>
    Out 2: Kick
    FX 1: Snare, open hi-hat, closed hi-hat
    FX 2: Cowbell, hand claps, shaker

    One of my tracks (vertical column of cells) is set to exclusive and totally empty, reserved for live-recorded bass line clips. Each bitbox output goes to a separate mixer channel, with separate EQ, effects, levels, etc.

    Some quality of life improvements that I'd like to see:

    1. It would be nice for bitbox to remember polyphony / output settings / etc per-cell.

    When I choose a blank cell into which I want to record a new clip, it remembers my preference of "In 1/2", "In 1", or "In 2" from the last time I recorded. However, it's a global setting and not per-cell. It would be nice if it could be remembered per-cell. When I record a new clip or record over an existing clip in a cell via "New Recording" it resets the cell to "Out1/2" and "Poly" regardless of what I had previously.

    My use-case is that in a live set, I want to record, say, 4 bars of an instrument into a cell, and once the recording is done, I want it to start looping. And every once in a while, I'll record over the current cell with a new clip. Right now, the just-recorded clip starts looping automatically, which is great, but it sends it out of Out1/2 and not the output I used last time.

    Original post:

    2. It would be nice to be able to monitor (and set the default output to) mono.

    When I record a bass line, it's always a mono track into "In 1". But when I'm recording, the bass line is monitoring on both Out 1 and Out 2. Also, when the recording is done, it starts playing back via Out1/2. I know the manual says it should do this, but it feels a bit counter-intuitive to me. Basically, because I'm recording a mono track (In 1 or In 2), I'd like it to be monitored in mono and played back in mono, automatically.

    For example, I'd like there to be a way that if I record into "In 1" it's monitored via just "Out 1" and when the recording is done, the sample is played back via just "Out 1". And I'd expect the same to go for "In 2" and "Out 2" or "In 1/2" and "Out1/2".

    Original post:

    3. It would be nice if starting to record a new clip in an exclusive track with monitoring enabled stopped any already-playing clip in that track.

    Right now, any playing clip is stopped as soon as the recording is done and looping starts. But if monitoring is on, playing clips should be stopped as soon as recording starts. That way, I only hear the new clip I'm recording, and not the clip that was playing before I started recording. Right now, I hear both.

    4. It would be nice for "exclusive" mode to work at the cell level instead of just at the track level.

    Right now, if I want my closed hihat to choke my open hihat, I can put both in a track and set that track to exclusive. However, that leaves the other 2 cells in the track unusable, because I can't think of anything else that I want to choke (or be choked by) the hihat. What if there were "exclusive groups" (like a bus) that could be selected on a per-cell basis? Then, one could just pick the cells to be exclusive to one another and set their exclusive group to be the same. Also, if this could be saved per-kit, it would give a ton of flexibility.

    Thanks so much!

    - Cowboy

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    Thanks for the summary. It makes our job easier.


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      I’d definitely also like point 2. It would be even better if it would just monitor and start playing back on any configured channel for this cell, configurable per cell.


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        I like all of the suggestions in this post. thx


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          Another idea: It would be nice if there was a way to more easily control the recording transport (start / stop / erase clip) via CV input.