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  • saiteron
    +1 would love to see these things implemented! i love messing around with the looper device in Ableton because its speed knob is bipolar, exactly as you described: 0 is no playback, 100% is full speed forward, -100% full speed backward. could be great to get up to 200% in either direction too!

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  • Sunshine
    Playing around with the pitch I am able to connect Pitch of a sample to EXT and then connect an attenuator and get something similar to this.
    To see what I'm talking about try this:

    1. Set a drum loop to play, looping.
    2. Connect PITCH to EXT1 and set it to 100%
    3. Now connect an + - Attenuator to the EXT 1 input

    This is a pile of fun because now we have a little more play, and some nice external knob for loop pitch and time adjustment.

    4. Now return to the sample and set the pitch to - 100% (-24)

    We almost get into backward mush territory... it's getting really interesting, but it's still just a slowed down loop sliced/or not.

    5. Try to adjust the attenuator now... sadly nothing much more happens. Slows down, stays in sync, but it doesn't quite go far enough into mush, gone land to really be called mangling per se.

    It would be perhaps a more accurate request for me to state that REV and FORW playback states from 0 to + 64 and then from 0 to - 64 would make this feature really really fun.
    To bring sounds all the way to a crawl, totally destroy them, and then bring them back into action would be a thrilling addition to using BitBox live.
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  • Sunshine
    started a topic Sample Rate?

    Sample Rate?

    I'd love to see something like a sample playback rate CV adjustment in Bitbox.
    Not in terms of pitch or tune processing, I recognize that Bitbox is not a sample processor, but I mean real time adjustment of the sample playback rate and direction.

    So at full CW the sample plays its recorded rate, governed by the pitch adjustment.
    At 0 the sample does not play black
    And at -64 the sample plays at full rate in reverse.

    As a sound effector, additional timing perhaps and definitely adjusted via CV/Attenuation?
    This is something the Octatrack and a couple of other samplers do fairly well. It's a lot of fun, and could be something which might bring quite a joy to the BitBox.