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Mixer Mode & Internal Offsets Macro Controls

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  • Mixer Mode & Internal Offsets Macro Controls

    Firstly thanks for the last beta 2.2.3 great update. Works really nice. The one thing I would like to see is a global mixer mode page for the 16 channels. You could use the layout form the 16 step sequencer in FxBox and have each bar linked to each channels Level. It's quiet a bit of page diving at the moment to balance all the volumes and now there's a blank space next to Mute on the Menu Screen be a shame not to add Mixer.

    Another Idea. When in the Main Screen two of the pots are redundant as they do the same thing as the other two which is move left & right or up & down. So i was thinking they could generate an internal offset floating point value that you can route to the Modulation points much like patching in channels 2 & 3 on Maths. Be great to have two macro controls on the unit itself.

    Thanks for your hard work