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  • Autosave option

    Would it be possible to reintroduce autosave to bitbox as an optional setting?

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    be nice and at least boot in the last preset used would be top


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      For the sake of new customers, bitbox had autosave in version 1.0. For the most part people didn't like it and asked us to change it. We did that in version 2.0. We have since moved to manual save on all of our modules. Autosave has the advantage of never losing your changes. It has the disadvantage of not being able to walk away from your experiments--short of an undo mechanism or versioning scheme. I know that having an option is appealing and that does introduce a new set of challenges.

      I look forward to any additional thoughts you have on the matter. Thank you for your suggestions.


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        would it be an option to have a checkbox "autoload" in the file menu?

        I don't think people mean it should save the entire project status automatically.

        what i expect is for the unit to remember which _file_ I was last working on.


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          I believe there are two requests in this thread:
          1. Automatically save my changes to my preset, as bitbox 1.0 did. This is something that comes up every so often. It's all a trade-off. I feel that with auto-save, you are more likely to accidentally make a change that you don't want and that will be challenging to fix. Without auto-save, you might lose some work the first couple of times you play with it, but the pain of that loss will teach you to save early and save often in the future.

          2. Automatically load my last used preset on start-up is a request that has come up a few times. You can always name your current preset with some 000s in front to push it to the top of the list. It's on our future feature list. It just hasn't bubbled up to the top yet.


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            Autoload isn't a massive issue, it seems to load the top file anyway. Having it set to autoload the last saved project would be handy though.

            I think a "quick save" option make more sense than purely an autosave eg. pressing a key combo would quickly save the project. Less menu diving, more incentive to just get back to what you're working on. Plenty of digital modules that rely on a file system do this. Similar to spamming CTRL/CMD+S when doing work.


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              Originally posted by DYSbomb View Post
              be nice and at least Dafont Showbox Adam4adam boot in the last preset used would be top

              what i expect is for the unit to remember which _file_ I was last working on.
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                Hi Aaron!

                +1 for autosave option!! I love when instruments are "stateless" to the maximum extent possible, and would really like the whole modular to be able to be switched off and on at any time without suddenly changing state (it's a big feature of analog modular — patch cables and knobs store their state in the physical world ). I don't use presets, so remembering which of my modules need an explicit "save" operation, and then remembering how to do it, and making sure I don't miss anything... it's a lot of cognitive load and a big bummer when I get it wrong and lose a big chunk of work.

                So, really all I care about is that the module remembers its current state between power cycles, which I highly doubt anyone would object to — i.e. rather than thinking of it as a destructive "autosave" feature that overwrites presets, it could be implemented as a secondary autosave-of-current-state file purely for that purpose and no options would be needed (for my use case, anyway ).

                Thanks so much!!


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                  What if a preset could be flagged as "autosaveable" which could then be disabled in the preset if the user wanted it to no longer autosave?

                  Huge +1 for auto-reloading the last used preset on boot!


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                    I think if there was a hidden file for each preset, you could always auto save to the identical named auto save file. Then for preset loading, you would have Load without the auto save file being shown in directory listing. That way you always have the original to fall back on. If you go to save the preset, it would write to the non auto save file.

                    Power on cycle would always default to last auto saved preset.

                    Possible Asterisk after preset name could help let user know that they are working with unsaved preset / auto saved file.

                    My biggest annoyance is not having the last preset at power up. I also sometimes forget to save preset and loose tweaks that I want.