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Midi Program Change for Presets

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  • Midi Program Change for Presets

    I know this have been asked a couple of times, but there hasn't been any dedicated topic in the wishlist forum, so here goes!

    In a live scenario, it would be massively killer to let your main sequencer change presets, when going from track to track!

    It really destroys the groove, when it is so difficult to press 2 buttons at the exactly precise spot (master sequencer + bitbox preset).

    I would consider another bitbox if this could be possible.!

    All the best!! It's a fantastic sampler module!

    Here is a festival live-set featuring my bitbox:

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    Hey Aaron!

    I read you might be working on bitbox improvements during late april, very nice!

    I really hope you guys would consider implementing some way of external preset changing - midi program change (even with a bit of delay for loading samples) would be incredible!

    It is very needed for live performance scenarios.

    Best, Simon


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      Thanks Simontl. We will consider this for the next update.


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      amazing! thanks


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        WAUW! Totally stoked you made this possible!! Works so great, thank you!! Will it happen to Synthbox as well??


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          We haven't planned out the next synthbox release yet, so I can't say one way or the other.