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Using Live - Time Stretch and Project Templates

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  • Using Live - Time Stretch and Project Templates

    I’ve really really been trying to make the BitBox work in my live rigs, but for me there are two key functionalities missing:

    1) being able to load an entire project template from SD - having to load each grid sample individually is just non-workable in a live situation.

    2) time stretch - it baffles me that this is missing, it effectively
    only makes the bitbox useful for drum samples and triggering random sounds off time. If I could time stretch samples of synth melodies to a clock source (i.e. the sample playing slower or faster if the clock speed is changed), this would enable me to get rid of an entire case of eurorack modules.

    Have these functionalities been considered in future updates?
    In my opinion these additions would make the Bitbox the live synth module of choice.

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    Thanks for writing. May I first suggest that you read the bitbox manual? Either I am misunderstanding you, or you are missing parts of the existing product. Please also know that the current firmware version is 2.2.5.

    Being able to load all sample at once is the basis of a preset. Press home then presets. From there, load and save all 16 samples at once.

    Timestrecthing is also a fundamental part of the module. After loading a loop, press the little waveform in the upper left and select Clip mode. From there you will see a number of Ableton style timestretching options.

    Let me know if that does not help.


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      Hello Aaron.

      Where can i find 2.2.5? In the Firmware Update Page i See 2.2.4?

      thx Dirk


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        I stand corrected. 2.2.4 is the latest public version. We will have a newer version shortly.


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          Thanks for your answer.

          good to know


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            Hello Aaron, appears I'm using an old version, 2.2.4 is a lot more stable. Found the presets option, so that knocks point number 1 off - fantastic!
            In regard to point 2, seems to be an issue with a few people on various forums. I have found when changing the clock or midi clock, a clip sample sometimes speeds up or it stutters like mad and gives up... I may be missing the point of the BitBox functionality altogether, but it would be great if loaded samples (i.e. in clip mode) had a time signature assigned to them, so that changing the clock would cause the sample to play faster or slower. In the meantime, I have actually found a work around by slicing the samples and playing them back via pitched CV, which allows better control of tempo changes by changing the timing of the CV rather than the sample.
            Really appreciate the development work!