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  • EQ and Evenlope

    Wish #1:
    Introduce a per-cell/sample EQ. I think a simple EQ could be really helpful. Samples can always be EQ'ed offline, but having EQ in bitbox seems like it would open up opportunities if the various bands/shelves could be modulated. I mean in a perfect world something VST quality that has a graph of the sample's frequency response range and allows points to be dropped via the touch screen... but coming back to the real world maybe a simple 3 to 6 band EQ would be sufficient, where the amount of gain/loss per band was modulatable? I think what justifies the EQ onboard bitbox is the modulation aspect and being able to change the sound of a sample over time, either briefly or e.g. slowly over minutes to hours.

    Wish #2:
    Expose the per-cell envelope as a modulation source for modulatable parameters. This could be used with, for example, sample pitch with a low amount to give some nice movement. This really goes together well with the above EQ, as the envelope could be used to shape the various frequency bands.

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    Thanks for the input. We have definitely heard these requests before and will consider them for a future build.


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      After getting my bitbox, this was my #1 thing I felt was missing. More specifically, I wanted to remove some low end from a sample.


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        An EQ per cell would be a great idea.