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Bonjour (compressor routing, clip & tempo settings)

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  • Bonjour (compressor routing, clip & tempo settings)

    Hello Aaron and everyone behind 1010music, many thanks and congratulations for your work and your consideration, i’d like to share my wishlist among the others, I didn’t spend much time reading on the forum yet so I hope it won’t be redundant… ✌︎

    - clips length setting
    - clips start & end points
    - clips loop-start & loop-end points on a grid

    edit : i removed the "compressor routing setting" and the "tempo setting per preset" inputs since i have an external compressor and an external clock, i think this was irrelevant for an eurorack module to try to be a standalone, and i think there are more important suggestions on this forum that worth spending time to work on.
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    Thanks for your input. We will add it to the wishlist.


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      Thank you

      Actually, about the compressor, it's more of an issue than a wish : when compressor is ON, if i set any sample to go to OUT1 or OUT2 instead of OUT1+2, it desactivates it immediatly. Since the compressor is stereo i'm sure it can handle it, i would like to use it only on OUT2, i hope you'll be able to make it possible... by the way, i think the compressor sounds great, thanks again to have implemented it.


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        Thanks. I logged the compressor issue as a bug.