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  • Blank cell presets

    Hi there, I've seen this request a couple of times in the wishlist but wanted to add to the discussion a bit.
    Currently being able to save blank cell presets is my #1 wish!

    Ideally in both the studio and performing I'd love to start with Bitbox having nothing but blank cells, with some of these already being triggered with various rhythmic gate patterns.
    Then I would record into these randomly, and immediately start scrubbing through the start points/envelopes with mod sources that have already been preassigned.

    Firstly, having some sort of "ignore gate/trigger playback until rec stop" would be extremely useful. At the moment it's not possible to have a predetermined gate pattern firing an empty clip whilst recording into it (since it starts immediately firing off)
    Secondly, being able to set mono/poly, and launchmode beforehand would also be much appreciated. As a workaround I tried recording over a clip that had already been set to mono/trigger but it immediately reverted back to poly/toggle once i stopped recording.

    I'm still immensely enjoying layering up longer loops with the bitbox but I feel like the clip preset option would exponentially increase it's sound design functionality for me.


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    Thanks for the suggestion. It's on the wishlist.


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      +1 for Blank cell presets
      Random walks on never-ending pattern