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Sample trimming / overwriting files / sequential recording

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  • Sample trimming / overwriting files / sequential recording

    A few feature requests:
    - Destructive editing tools like trimming to reduce empty space or to give a certain precomputed effect eg. reducing samplerate or bit depth, normalising etc.
    - Give the option to overwrite whatever file is in a cell if you choose to re-record, rather than making a new file. Recording loops sometimes takes a few tries so something like this would be handy and cleaning out manually later is a bit of a pain since it's hard to guess which is which unless I take time to name the samples.
    - Option for a sequential recording mode, as in each new recording goes to the next empty cell. Set threshold, hold record, play sound, let go, it will go into cell 1 - do it again, it will go into cell 2 etc. Would allow for quick creation of drumkits.

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    The destructive editing is a popular request. It's also something that takes some careful coding and extensive testing. We don't want to lose or mess up your samples, which is a possibility with this type of feature. It also has to be carefully designed to make sure you don't click the wrong button and accidentally make an unintended and irreversible change. It's high on our priority list but we need to take time to do it well.

    I get what you are saying about not always recording the sample right the first time. But how do we allow this option without interfering with live performers who don't want to have to click another "ok" after they finish recording?

    Sequential recording mode is an interesting new request. Any thoughts on how you would put the bitbox into this alternate mode? Also, you mentioned "hold record". That won't work for a lot of people who may be sampling something that requires two hands.


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      Destructive editing could be its own section, to avoid accidental use. Could choose it from the menu where it says sample / clip etc, last option could be simply "edit sample" - from there the ability to trim etc. is then available. It's there for people who want it, but also out of the way for people who just want to do things live.

      Sequential recording is something I use with my EPS-16+, I believe some other sampler modules use it too like the 4ms Stereo Triggered Sampler. Hold the record button, trigger the sound and it records until you let go - I believe the touchscreen allows for this as we can already do this to trigger cells for an indeterminate length. Pressing it again records into a new cell in sequence. Threshold makes sure there is no gap in the beginning, so it means I can make drumkits VERY quickly. Could put it as an option on the record screen, similar to the threshold recording option.

      Overwriting files could be an option that can be turned on/off in main settings, and even then would give a confirmation box to avoid accidental overwriting.


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        Thanks for the additional input.