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  • Desactivate the internal clock

    Hello Aaron & Christine. I’m sorry there are issues with clips when changing the tempo in live situations, could you please create an option to set the internal clock off ? the Bitbox would react straight directly to each one of the clock input signals, without analyzing and adjusting the sync.

    I’m not using the midi input, I have an LFO as a clock source and I need to adjust the tempo frequently in my livesets, i can't take 10 to 30 seconds to adjust the sync before playing the next part...

    By the way, actually when slowing down the tempo the clips are chopped (depending on the clips sync setting) until they start again, some can happen to lose sync, because of this internal clock I guess. When rising the tempo there are little artefacts also, that behaves the same way.

    Here's a video for example :

    Thank you for your work. ✌️

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    Did you try setting Quant or sync to none for the impacted pads?


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      Hi Christine, if I set the sync & quant to none, the clips won’t be in sync with the clock so I won’t be able to change the tempo this way.

      here's another video to help :

      there are two distinct issues : clips are getting out of sync, and chopped.

      thanks ✌️


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        Aaron thinks this is a bug. I've logged it in our tracking system and we will look into it. Thanks for letting us know.


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          I had trouble getting the BitBox to play a clip in sync with a 16th note clock coming from the ToolBox. It wasn't steady. Aaron suggested using MIDI over the TRS cable and that worked much better, but the only thing is that the BitBoxes do not respond to STOP on the midi clock and just keep on playing no matter what.