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  • Assign Midi Note #

    I'd really love the ability to re map the cells and assign each one it's own midi note number. I work with mostly vintage equipment, and they don't often allow for the user to control what note number the pad or trigger will spit out.
    It would very helpful if Bitbox were to allow this assignment per cell.

    Perhaps in the TRIGGER/GATE/TOGGLE section there could be a sub section to assign a midi note number?
    Or maybe as an additional value in the MIDI section where we can currently set the cell's midi channel separately from the global midi channel?

    It would super rule.
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    In our dreaming about the future we have talked about a "MIDI learn" mode where you would play the MIDI note you want to map to something and it would record the mapping.

    One question about this, though. Would the mapping be different for each preset? Or is this a module level setting?


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      Originally posted by Christine View Post
      Would the mapping be different for each preset? Or is this a module level setting?
      Well, I suppose I was imagining per preset. So the user could go in and set it up to be whatever the preset needed to be (think of this as using midi note # the same way we might insert a trigger into the trigger jacks on the front.)

      But as a global solution, that's not a half bad idea either. So the kick of the midi drum machine would always be the first cell's note number...

      I like the ability to make this decision myself, for each preset.
      But a global option would also be useful. Possibly more so.


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        Hello. I am interested too in this question. It would help me a lot.
        I hope it will be possible.