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  • CV sample select

    This probably have been asked before,
    An awesome feature from other sampler modules is to be able to select sample from CV IN, let's say navigate samples from a folder.
    This way you can randomly trigger different snares from the same cell.

    please please please

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    You can do it with a big .wav file with several samples in it + slices + atomik mode + CV on the "slice sel" mod (sorry if you already know it...)
    but what you propose here is an interresting way too ! in case we want to change the order of the list for exemple... or add more files later...


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      yep i know it, is what i'm doing right now to do that but it would be better not to edit new wave files....
      and seems a pretty usefull functionality to implement


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        you can do it with .wav file to randomly trigger this operation or you could add more files later when you are not uising it.