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Crossfade looping & Fine digit control

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  • Crossfade looping & Fine digit control

    I find the BitBox is slowly taking over from my hardware Akai sampler! What I really miss though, is crossfading on loops and finer control of the parameter values (mostly on sample trimming/looping). Perhaps fine control could be implemented by touching the desired parameter for focus and encoder mode-change then each encoder becomes the units then 100's, 10,000's and 1,000,000's OR selected side's encoder pair become coarse and fine (i.e. most and least significant digit) Akai's own implementation was to allow selection of any digit for editing but was in it's own way, a bit fiddly! BTW Thanks for 2.5.1!

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    + 1 for crossfade looping. It would be very very cool for pad. I don't find any new sampler with this fonction and i don't to reuse my so big A5000. I love it but it is too big for my bag