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  • Truncate

    Hello wonderful people at 1010music!

    A destructive truncate / trim / crop option for samples would be super great!

    It would improve load time for recorded samples with unused parts as well as being very helpful when exporting recorded samples for later use or external processing.

    Sample cells and clip cells would also improve from this, as you'd be able to set a "max" start point, when modulating the start parameter, so you won't be playing silence or untight samples by accident.

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    I concur. As on blackbox?


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      i consider a truncate function as absolutely necessary to move the bitbox towards beeing a finished module.
      As is now is it looking to me like a work in progress.
      while you´re allready selling your next work in progress............./ tired of that


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        We have a process that builds our data warehouse.
        The processes execute SPs in serial order.
        Each SP builds separate table.
        Each table is build destructive (truncate and Insert Into).

        I've tried to change the configuration by running 4 SP in parallel by SSIS to shorten the update time.
        I've noticed in two declines in performance:
        1. Each SP execution time is higher in the parallel execution in around 50% then in the serial execution. The CPU utilization is the same.
        2. On each parallel execution we have a decline in performance of around 5 -10% compare to the previous parallel execution.

        Do you have any directions to inquire? shareit vidmate
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        • vantablack
          vantablack commented
          Editing a comment
          Ja, logic dictates that one should look at other factors beside CPU.

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        Truncate would be awesome. I'm surprised it's not already implemented tbh.


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          Random walks on never-ending pattern


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            Do you want something beyond what is included with bitbox? You can set start/stop points, and trim WAV files in Sample mode. Trim is destructive so we also give you Save As... to duplicate first. Am I missing something in your question?