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"New Recording" input and output configuration per cell

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  • "New Recording" input and output configuration per cell

    Hey there, I'm using the Bitbox as a sample/stem player and live looper for my live rig. I love it!

    BUT: I have two separate synth voices routed to the IN 1 and IN 2 and I'm using two cells for "new recordings" and looping. But I find it quite uncomfortable to select always the input and output configuration again. It would be much more convenient to set them once per cell for the "new recording" interface. Especially in a live situation.

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    You're saying you want to set each cell differently and set them up in advance, right?


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      Originally posted by Aaron View Post
      You're saying you want to set each cell differently and set them up in advance, right?
      Yes, that would be awesome!


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        +1 this too. I'm doing similar- mixture of midi sequencing, wav playback (inc. stems), keyboardy sounds from instrument wavs, & live looping (ideally with overdub).

        I'd like to set aside 4 pads across the inputs, so that selecting any of them straight away gives me the option of recording into them, editing what's already there, & (eventually) overdubbing what's there, whether I just recorded it or whether it loaded from the card.

        I imagine there'd be some complexity & some thought required in what to do when a file is 'altered' by an overdub- should the box immediately save the new version of the file over the original, or as a new file with an incrementing number appended to the file name? this latter would allow a sort of undo mechanism- by reloading the previous version of the file.

        overdubbing this again could then either create a new file or overwrite the next in sequence. again, some thought required.
        I'm trying to do away with my octatrack & electrix repeater!


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          duncandisorderly commented
          Editing a comment
          I thought I'd come up with a workaround, but it involves an external mixer... you'd send the 'looper' pads to one of the other outputs, along with any other pads you wanted to resample, mix it with your live looping source & send it back from the mixer (aux/effects send) to a new pad to be (re)recorded. it's not as compact as internal resampling & overdubbing would be, but it'll get us there in the meantime. to resample the whole output, you'd just send the master output from the mixer to the recording input, but in this instance you'd want the input monitoring turned off.