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a per sample mute screen

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  • a per sample mute screen

    just this, a screen where you can mute every sample independently would be really useful

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    Some of the other Series 1 firmware include mute features. Thanks for the idea. We will keep it in mind.


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      Totally agree. Mute would be amazing!


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        Good Morning Everyone (Good Night to Others!)

        So I revisited this request, and I would have to say I would give this a ++++
        I had the chance to take some time last night and had an amazing time with 1010 modules, using toolbox and bitbox.

        One of the things I kept running into was this same request/suggestion, that Sunshine, Others, and Myself had made before.

        Again, I would have to say this is a huge one! Many times I was able to go and mute my toolbox tracks, thinking I would mute my bitbox and nope...I'd missed the boat, forgot to set trigger types, or regardless just didn't end up the way I was doing or hearing.

        So using the Home button as in fxbox and toolbox ends up placing the unit into mute mode. With the new toolbox update there is finally an alternate long-press for settings.
        I do not think it is necessary to toggle a mode for Bitbox as you do in toolbox and fxbox, this might seem cumbersome, however....

        I think it would be very useful to hold HOME and press a cell to toggle mute/unmute directly while leaving an indication on the screen all the time. Loaded cells that are muted can stay red, and if not loaded, or loaded and playing they would just be as they are. With this the mute should leave the track playing and active, but only mute the output audio. On top of this a quantization option either global or per-cell would be a good option as well letting the cells be freely muted/unmuted, next 16th, bar, etc...

        I just thought this was an important feature I have not seen implemented yet, and again found the need and wish for it.



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          Thanks for keeping the conversation going. We will keep this request in mind.


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            +6!! Thank you guys for creating this amazing sampler, which is only getting better and better.

            The biggest and most urgent requirement i find, when dealing with so many samples, is the ability to MUTE cells, from within BITBOX withoit having to use more external gear.

            I would be most grateful if you guys could consider adding this feature as you did in FXBOX

            would that be possible do you think?

            Thank you again for all your great work and dedication



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              +1 for having a separate mute screen for all cells, as in toolbox


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                Hello! I would also like to +1 on this - a mute screen would be a huge performance boost to this awesome machine!


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                  +1 definitely!


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                    +1 yes please!


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                      Yeah, mutes would greatly appreciate!

                      Ypsi Kid


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                        Okay, okay, okay. We hear you. You want Mute. And it seems like an easy UI design, just make it work like FXBox mutes. We will add it to the wishlist. (it's okay to keep adding plus 1's though. More support always helps.)


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                          +1 ;-)....


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                            Lol!! You voted twice! I'm keeping track!