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horizontal tracks and x-fading and 3 band EQ

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  • horizontal tracks and x-fading and 3 band EQ

    So in regard to the 4 tracks mode. It's vertical. Can you make it horizontal, so it's more logical with the "row launching" option... that way you have those parameters controlling the entire row that you're triggering. It should be optional to switch between vertical and horizontal tracks

    Then, what I would like, is the simple ability to x-fade between one track and the other, whether horizontal or vertical.
    So a screen where I can pick which track is going to be faded from and to, then a simple x-fade... maybe even select the cells that will be included in the x-fade... other cells are left untouched.
    And lastly, to top it off and make it more amazing, a simple 3 band eq readily available in the same x-fade area so we can do more track mixing/layering

    This would be pretty cool for live performance. Otherwise I *honestly* do not understand why tracks are vertical, but row launching is horizontal? Can you enlighten me how I could use this effectively? Are they two totally different ideas, or are they able to be used together? I kinda don't get it, maybe because I was really thinking about fading between horizontal rows, and how cool it would be to fade out one full row at a time...

    Or x-fading between ANY 2 cells.... that would be pretty freaking awesome.

    then again, it's not a huge deal, because I can easily fade out individual cells, but at the SAME TIME, would be nice to fade IN another cell.
    Obviously, I'm going to buy two of these so I can accomplish this! haha. this module is freaking great you guys. Thank you so much for putting yourself out there and taking the risk to make these.

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    Can I output an entire horizontal ROW (I see how to do it in vertical rows) ... output the horizontal row to one of the output jacks? If I could, then I could do xfading with Make Noise Rosie by simply sending different tracks out to different ouputs and using Rosie's xfade... but I dont' have a rosie, and it would really add value to the modules to see how useful it would be for xfading between cells and rows and whatnot. anyways, hope these ideas seem dope to you all. THanks


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      The inspiration for vertical tracks comes from Ableton Live and similar packages. The idea is that each vertical track represents a single instrument and a horizontal row represents a variation for each track. For example: Intro, Verse, Chorus, etc. You can see this in action with the factory preset #5 where there are different synth instruments per track and each row has a different chord.

      I have to admit that concept seemed like a good idea during the development of bitbox 1.0. Since then, I get the impression that no one really uses it that way and we are considering alternatives.

      Crossfading is an interesting idea. How would you do this? With an onscreen control? External CV?

      What do you think?



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        I find the "tracks" thing a bit odd, but haven't looked into it too much.
        I wish i could just select the Output from "Info", seems far less cumbersome and more natural to how i'm used of working with modules and samplers.


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          Originally posted by Aaron View Post

          Crossfading is an interesting idea. How would you do this? With an onscreen control? External CV?

          What do you think?

          I imagined you could have x-fade assigned to a CV or just natively on the knobs. You would have some micro representation of the cell grid, and pick which cells you wanted to x-fade... maybe even select as many cells as you want. So 2 groups of cells... gotta be fast setup though, becuase this is a live performance idea. So group one, has 2 cells, maybe kicks and bass, then group 2 has another set of kicks and bass. Or you have actual full track loops and you cross fade between the two... but here's the importance of the 3 bad eq... x-fading is fun, but only if you can take the lows out, or highs, or reduce the mids as the new sound starts to take over. Also, with x-fading and 3 bad eqing you can layer full tracks on top of each other, by cutting the lows out of group b.

          Just like a DJ would in the past when mixing vinyl. Essentially you are mixing two different song ideas into one, transitioning to the next song slowly over time, instead of just muting a part in group 1, then bringing a totally different part into the mix next from song 2... which is what the bitbox does just fine right now.

          The EQ is crucial though. Just mixing two things together can be pretty lame if you don't cut something out of one of them. You get all sorts of cancellation/phasing/overlap that isn't wanted.


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            PS: Anywhere it says 3bad... I mean 3-band... spell check

            You know another addition to this idea is to seamlessly change from one preset to the next without any audio hiccups, and then even crossfade between cells from preset x and preset y. So you can maybe put a couple songs or even an entire song into preset x... then cross fade out of x into preset y, then eq/cross fade out of prest y into preset z... each are different songs and thus allows full live performance. You could easily get an hour set out of these 12 presets... but of course giving the user 48 presets would be quite generous and seem more valuable to the market.

            I'm coming at the bitbox from a market driven value added concept. I don't think my idea is super exclusive and unique to me. I think the overall market is looking for ways to stay inside their modular and do a full live set for their friends or whomever. Giving them CV control over xfade and the 3band eq is probably a very good idea just for experimental music.

            And I should mention a "cut" option should exist. to immediately bring the lows down to zero. Also on this kind if xfading you will need the user to be able to select what frequency "low" is defined as. THey will always be changing which frequencies should be cut out to merge with the next song.

            Honestly... I'm setting up my bitbox in anticipation of this kind of feature coming lol. But no pressure.
            How I'm handling it right now is using the 4 tracks to output to 4 outs, that then go through 2 3-band eqs, that then go to a MN rosie xfader module, and gives me the cue out option.

            I REALLY like how rosie has "smart que". That is, it knows what you do NOT have live yet, and lets you hear it without asking you. So you would want to give us a cue out track as well, that listens to what is NOT going to the live tracks, and then hears what you xfade in, then eventually cues whatever isn't coming out.

            but this involves hundreds of dollars of extra modules and space in my rack that I think would be well suited and better done in the bitbox.
            The only way for me to xfade between presets is to have TWO bitboxes, which I really don't want to do, because it would mean converting my synthbox or my fxbox... both of which I LOVE and do not want to sacrifice...