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Live-looping and other recording improvements

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  • Live-looping and other recording improvements

    I've seen a handful of threads about desired improvements to recording. I thought I'd try to create a mega-thread to group the requests I'm aware of, plus add some of my own. After all, it's been a year since my last live-looping features wishlist post and I've got a bunch of ideas

    Auto-play after recording (for live looping)

    I love RecToPlay. It's super useful for live looping!

    However, I'd love to see a few improvements:

    1) RecToPlay should be settable/un-settable on a per-clip basis. Maybe the global RecToPlay setting can be the default, but sometimes I want to play immediately after recording (when I'm doing live looping) and sometimes I don't want it to auto-play (when I'm just recording a sample to be triggered separately). See the "Per-cell configuration" section at the bottom of this post.
    2) Clips with a Length of Custom should be able to auto-play. Let's say I'm quantizing to 1 bar. Why shouldn't a custom-length loop auto-play be able to after recording? It's going to be quantized to 1 bar, so it's totally loopable. I'd like to be able to decide as I'm recording if I want the loop to be 1 bar, 2 bars, 8 bars, etc! This limitation seem arbitrary.

    Overdubbing a clip (replacing audio)

    It can be tedious to replace a bad take with a new one.

    1) Perhaps when a clip is done being recorded, bitbox can prompt instead of automatically exiting out of the recording screen? I'm trying to think of a way to make it easier to replace a clip.
    2) When recording over an existing clip that's currently playing, as soon as "New Recording" is selected in that clip's Info screen, the playing audio gets out of sync and then stops. It would be good if the existing audio stayed in sync and continued playing until recording was started, at which point it would stop and be replaced with just the incoming audio (being recorded). This will allow the music to be more continuous. Also, if the recording screen was exited without starting recording, the previous clip would still be looping!
    3) It would be nice to be able to set "EXCL" when recording a clip so that when recording starts, any currently-playing audio in another clip that's set to the same EXCL group would also stop. This would facilitate recording multiple exclusive loops, allowing the music to be more continuous.

    Overdubbing a clip (adding audio)

    Support this? Please?

    1) I have no idea how

    Naming recorded files

    My SD card is full of RC0000**.wav files!

    1) Perhaps wav files can include the name of the preset and/or clip slot (1-16). Like, recording a clip into slot 15 of my "707" preset could result in a file called "RC 707 15 0001.wav"
    2) Or perhaps each clip slot can have a user-editable name for the recorded file (that defaults to the clip slot #). Eg, a name of "BASS" in my "707" preset could result in a file called "RC 707 BASS 0001.wav"

    Per-cell configuration

    1) "New Recording" input and output configuration per cell
    2) It would be nice for bitbox to remember polyphony / output settings / etc per-cell.
    3) It would be nice to be able to set "auto-play" (RecToPlay) on a per-cell basis, and change that setting on the recording screen (hey! there's a free space
    between +0.00 and Thres!)

    Thanks for all your hard work!

    - Cowboy

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    These Feature Requests Sound Good. I have Elektron Octatrack and i am really missing to Fade in and Fade out the Live Signal. Maybe is it possible? I didn‘t find a way. So i want to record my Modular with the Black Box but i also want to also map the Live Signal to a Fader of my Midicontroller. Is this possible? Many thanks for your reply.