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  • CV/Gate Record

    It would be nice to control the record button with a gate signal for example to use a foot controller

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    You can do that with the latest firmware update


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      This is Great! Do you have a short Description of this this Feature? How can I connect a Gate Signal with the Record Button?


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        The toolbox manual now covers this new feature in version 1.1.4. Please check it out.


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          Originally posted by Aaron View Post
          The toolbox manual now covers this new feature in version 1.1.4. Please check it out.
          Aaron, explanation of this feature is in the Toolbox manual? I have looked through the latest Bitbox manual and might have missed it but could you please point me int he right direction as to how assign a trigger or gate input to control "REC ON" ? I would like to use my foot controller to engage recording ON THE BITBOX.

          Also wanted to ask if there will be continued development on the Bitbox? If so any estimation on when any new firmware will be released? Thanks!


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            Sorry for the confusion. CV record triggering is a Bitbox feature:

            1) Press the any of the EXT cells on the main screen and press Info
            2) Change the Mod to Record
            3) Prepare to record a sample as you normally would. The Gate input on the EXT you selected will now act as start/stop

            We are continuing to work on our product line and bitbox will see some updates. We don't have any plans ready to announce. Thank you for your support.


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              Thanks for the explanation Aaron as I could not find that in the most recent manual

              Hoping to see some more updates as there are some performance oriented features that I believe the Bitbox could benefit from.
              Personally just a few on my wish list....

              1) After recording a clip to make it easier to delete what you just recorded. Possibly have the Bitbox still immediately play back the recorded clip but make the user confirm to either keep the clip or delete before saving the file to the SD card. Then be able to turn overdub on/off via CV control.
              2) The ability to overdub and set the amount when recording a clip. Also allow the user to set whether the clip goes directly into playback mode or into overdub after the the set number of recorded bars are reached.
              3) Be able to reverse playback when in slicer mode?

              Thanks again!


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                What hardware have you all found to use to externally trigger recording?