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  • Is the Metering Accurate

    I believe I'm metering my input signal properly but the recorded audio shows signs of clipping. How accurate is the Blackbox's input signal meter? When I'm recording audio in I am not clipping... so I'm terribly confused with the units metering. I took a few pics to demonstrate what I am seeing.

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    I also ran into this once, but gave up since it seemed sporadic and i couldn't rule out any clipping upfront.
    Would be interesting what causes this. Maybe just a display error ? I simply didn't have the time to troubleshoot and just lowered input level.
    I think i remember looking the actual recorded files on the computer and they seemed ok and sometimes not.
    Most of the time i never run into that problem since the input level of the BB is sooo high that sampling from iPhone is even with maximum (+20db) soft-gain i can barely reach -3 dB or so.


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      I wish the powers that be would confirm or deny... and perhaps give some thoughts on the matter. It's a dope unit and I'm using it for live performance mostly. It's a hellava idea archiver too. But recording live loops while other material is going to be eventually reworked into a new motif is not the easiest or practical on the spot.

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    I'm using 1.6.5 or whatever the current update is and... The metering is still weird to me. It doesn't seem to be clipping as I record it in but I can see the tops of the waveforms and it sound distorted. So it's definitely clipping. The only way to circumvent it is to record at 3-4 decibels below zero. The meters are no help. I wonder is this experience shared?


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      I think you are referring to the waveform. To me, meters are bars that move back and forth with the level.

      I believe the issue you are having is because blackbox combines a stereo file into a mono waveform. This can lead to a bigger than actual signal swing that appears to clip. When you record, you can trust the meters to show when you are clipping and when you are not. I hope this helps.


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        So I'm still not clear... If you can trust the metering, why are the recorded waveforms represented as clipping? Btw did you look at my images at the top of page?
        Also they sound a bit clipped to me too!


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          The meters are in stereo and handle each separately. The waveform combines the two channels into one, which can be misleading like your pictures.

          Ultimately, if it sounds clipped, trust your ears. Keep in mind clipping might be happening elsewhere before it gets to the blackbox.


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            Can you record audio at a lower volume and then normalize within Black Box? Is there EQ? Will there be additional effects added on? I received my Black Box today and am just loving it. Built like a tank and instant on. It's amazing how productive i've been in just a few hours.