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MIDI doesnt pass through

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  • MIDI doesnt pass through


    trying to use the same MIDI channel to control a Cycles, Black Box and Pulsar-23. Pulsar-23 only has MIDI in, so has to be the end of the cable chain.

    i have each device setup to receive on the channels for the same MIDI out (using a Squarp Pyramid MIDI A out), and was trying to go from Pyramid Out to Cycles In out Cycles Through to Black Box In to Black Box Through to Pulsar-23 In.
    the data gets passed if i go from Pyramid to Cycles to Pulsar, it gets passed if i go Pyramid to Cycles to Black Box, but it seems to stop at Black Box and not pass through to Pulsar.

    whaaaat am i doing wrong?


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    wellllllllll crap. just realized the jack says OUT not OUT/THROUGH. might not pass through data. i can move it to the Merge box i was trying not to set up, not a huge deal i guess.

    is the MIDI Out only an Out not an Out/Through?


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      The MIDI Out is not a true thru. You can set the MIDI out of a Pad and blackbox will pass MIDI thru that Pad using the selected MIDI out channel. Keep in mind, if you send a pad MIDI data on Ch 1 but that same pad is set to send MIDI data on Ch 2, your "thru" messages will appear on Ch 2.

      Placing the blackbox last or using a MIDI thru/merger is the best option.


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        thank you suh!

        yeah, kinda figured that. i'm a git and didna check, most of the hardware i'm setting up is just MIDI In, or MIDI In/Out. only one piece of kit actually has a Thru. lol. not sure why, but i just assumed most boxes had a Thru option.

        hooked up a Kenton Merg box, works perfect for the 5 things i have hooked to that Pyramid MIDI out, going through the one MIDI Thru enabled box into Black Box, works a charm.