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full track or song pitchbend possible??

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  • full track or song pitchbend possible??

    Hey guys,

    Question... i have an octatrack for a long time now, i use it mainly for sequencing and playing full tracks or long loops in my livesets. I posted this in the octatrack group on facebook and they told me the thing i want to do is not possible on octatrack... also asked on the blackbox facebook group but no answer there so maybe here someone will answer

    As i told i play full tracks on my octatrack, i export them properly, let’s say for example on 132 bpm. I set 1 trig on the first step and that’s how i trigger my full track. If i change my bpm to let’s say 138 bpm with the timestretch on, the track plays on the right tempo BUT if you change the bpm that much you get really bad artifacts in your sound... so the thing i want to do is change the tempo TOGETHER with the pitch, just like you would change pitch and tempo on a turntable, simple pitchbending actually but in sync with the master bpm, WITHOUT timestrething.

    Anyone have an idea if this is possible on the blackbox? It’s basically a simple pitchbend, that follows the bpm.

    On the octatrack it's not possible, there it's: OR timestretch OR no bpm adjustment so that's not what i want.

    Any info would be very helpfull [FONT=inherit][COLOR=transparent][FONT=inherit][SIZE=16px]

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    Load them as a sample (instead of clip) and adjust the pitch? That also affects playback speed. Getting it synced with the master bpm will require some calculation (for example, to increase the tempo by 25% shift the pitch by 300 cents), but is possible.


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      Neither Octatrack nor Blackbox can repitch automatically to the master tempo.
      The blackbox has a higher pitch resolution and its timestretch seems a bit tighter than the OTs, especially at 48khz/24bit.
      But on both machines, you can help the timestretch algorithm to sound better by pitching the sample manually.

      This calculator is handy:


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        ok, thanks for your answers! too bad that these devices are not able to do such simple thing… the calculator is handy though but if i play tracks live of different bpm's it's not really the workflow i'm after to count the difference in bpm and pitch… will maybe send a message to 1010music for a future update... who knows