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changing sample changes settings?

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  • changing sample changes settings?

    murrrr looks like if you set up a MIDI channel and/or note number or pitch plus minus for a pad it all gets wiped if you load a new sample into that pad?

    is there a way to... not do that?

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    There may be instances where you load a Sample and then a Clip, for example, when parameters disappear because they are not available. There are also times when a particular parameter is saved to the WAV file rather than the preset.

    Can you provide specific steps to reproduce?




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      hey Steve!

      i had this idea of setting the first 14 pads to the Default of MIDI Channel 8, then up the top row, the last 2 pads as MIDI Channel 09 and 10 respectively. so i'd have a base template file to load that would be 14 pads to trigger with notes on one channel, then 2 that would be pitch controllable by which note was triggering them.

      but any time i load a sample into the last two pads, it resets the MIDI Channel option to default.