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Gear Recommendations for Control via Modular

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  • Gear Recommendations for Control via Modular

    Looking for the simplest method of triggering individual samples Via CV/gate signals from modular? I have a modular setup and I’d like to be able to trigger specific samples on the BlackBox, but with the minimal amount of “heavy” gear between the two. Obviously a simple adapter would be ideal if it were an option; to in lieu of that, gear with the smallest footprint, or fewest pieces of gear if multiple are needed, etc.

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    I personally do not have any experience with this direction of data, I have only ever read great things about this device:

    I have (and use) a MIDI to CV need the opposite.


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      this guy does spectacular granular-style stuff with the sample start point controlled by a cv to midi converter module... anyway it Could be amazing to have midi cv and cv midi conversion on the ScatolaNera, with those 3 outputs even a Neuron or a Crave would shine umbearably. Anyway are the outputs eurorack level only or can I feed, for example, digitakt imputs?


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        As long as you can control the input gain/level on the Digitakt then should be ok.


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          Assuming you are working in a Eurorack format, this module will get you where you need to go.

          It can take up to eight CV inputs and convert them to MIDI messages. If you lay out your multi samples to a keyboard, one channel of it could play all the samples you can assign to a single pad. That leaves seven channels that could be used as MIDI continuous control of pitch, filter, volume or any other MIDI controllable parameter on the Blackbox. If you are a DIY enthusiast, it is also available as a kit.

          If you don't have room for it in your case, the Kenton mentioned above will be a good solution.


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            I'm using thus far Stages by Mutable, which is sending voltages to control parameters fine albeit in in CV. I'm looking for something too; I think just for 8 faders and mutes, VCMC is a bit expensive (other options lie the 16n faderbank, can give you at least the fader part in either midi protocol or cv outs.) Still researching but most nano midi controllers seem to just use usb out and no 3.5 breakout option...FaderFox EC4 seems to be the best solution for the money and ticks a fair few boxes! (LOOPOP reviews this well)
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          I use a Trig31 to send random voltages to my Blackbox. Works great. I trigger all sorts of samples from my modular that way.