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Can Cut/Copy/Pste/Clr and Velocity be toggled off?

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  • Can Cut/Copy/Pste/Clr and Velocity be toggled off?

    I just got received my new Blackbox today and already have a question I can't find in the manual. Cnd the Cut/Copy/Pste/Clr and Velocity selections on the pad screen be set to off? I keep touching them while playing the pads and have to rest the preset to get my settings back.

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    Unfortunately, no. Those tools are always visible on the Pads screen. Keep playing with it -- you'll adapt!! Accidentally touching the velocity slider should have far less effect on your output (compared to cut/copy/clr/pste) so I would recommend keeping the slider visible. Turn the lower right knob to hide/show the slider.


    • scottmoon
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      Thanks, I figured as much. I've been leaving it on Velocity but then I drastically change that setting sometimes in my excitement. I don't know how hard it would be to make a 3rd setting for off with that bottom right knob.

    • Steve J
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      It is a fair request. My advice is to add this to the Blackbox Wish List thread as that is where we harvest new features, etc.

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    I just added it to the Wish List requests.