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    Hi !
    I created a google drive account for sharing Samples and Presets. I have a lot of multisampled instruments ready to use in the Balckbox that i want to share, and i'll post some packed presets too.
    Don't hesitate to share your files here, it would be awesome and a great inspiration booster :

    I sort files by users, therefore you can dispatch your files the way you want.

    If you want to share your stuff just tell me by private message, i will create a folder for you and make you ''owner'' of this one

    Cheers !

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    Thanks, I'll check it out. Stay safe, Scott


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      Wow, there's some great stuff in there. Thanks again.


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        You're welcome Scott


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          Thanks so much Magicwill! Cool Multisamples. I'm having a problem though:
          I'm getting weird noises anytime I want to play for example "soft piano" in polyphonic mode. I tried playing it as a multisample but also just as a single sample. It just wont work without clipping noises once I play chords of 3 notes that have some release. Do you have the same problems?
          I'm really trying not to stress the CPU so I have an empty preset with just this one sample loaded and am still getting these sounds.
          (using the original usb cable and the sd card that came with it)


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            Hi !
            Sorry for this, it's really weird, i don't have any clipping noises when i use it like this. What is your firmware version ? i am running with 1.5.1.


            • denizgarout
              denizgarout commented
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              I'm still runnung 1.4.3 but I'll try again after updating. I guess it could also just be the 4 note polyphony per pad. Didn't get that at first. I guess when i play 2 chords of 3 notes quickly after each other and the notes have release it kind of adds up to 6 notes playing at the same time. Maybe that explains the artifacts...

            • magicwill
              magicwill commented
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              Yes maybe, i use to use multisamples in gate mode and i drop the sutain and release to 0% and i ajust the decay for record. I don't have these problems like this

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            This is great, thanks for sharing! Especially dig all the multisampled pianos.

            I noticed that there are some duplicate samples in there. Here's a list:

            ./1010music BlackBox/Magicwill/Multisamples/PlaySerie - Ethereal Earth/Copper Breeze/Copper Breeze-080 Ab4(1).WAV
            ./1010music BlackBox/Magicwill/Multisamples/PlaySerie - Ethereal Earth/Copper Breeze/Copper Breeze-076 E4(1).WAV
            ./1010music BlackBox/Magicwill/Multisamples/PlaySerie - Ethereal Earth/Earthy Strings/Earthy Strings-040 E1(1).WAV
            ./1010music BlackBox/Magicwill/Multisamples/PlaySerie - Ethereal Earth/Earthy Strings/Earthy Strings-044 Ab1(1).WAV
            ./1010music BlackBox/Magicwill/Multisamples/Orchestral/Brass Muted Legato/Midi 001-2-052 E2(1).WAV
            ./1010music BlackBox/Magicwill/Multisamples/Orchestral/Brass Muted Legato/Midi 001-2-048 C2(1).WAV
            ./1010music BlackBox/Magicwill/Multisamples/Orchestral/Brass Muted Legato/Midi 001-2-036 C1(1).WAV
            ./1010music BlackBox/Magicwill/Multisamples/Orchestral/Brass Muted Legato/Midi 001-2-040 E1(1).WAV
            ./1010music BlackBox/Magicwill/Multisamples/Orchestral/Brass Sforzando/Midi 001-3-040 E1(1).WAV
            ./1010music BlackBox/Magicwill/Multisamples/Orchestral/Brass Sforzando/Midi 001-3-048 C2(1).WAV
            ./1010music BlackBox/Magicwill/Multisamples/Orchestral/Brass Legato/Midi 001-1-084 C5(1).WAV
            ./1010music BlackBox/Magicwill/Multisamples/Orchestral/Brass Legato/Midi 001-1-076 E4(1).WAV
            ./1010music BlackBox/Magicwill/Multisamples/Orchestral/Brass Legato/Midi 001-1-080 Ab4(1).WAV
            ./1010music BlackBox/Magicwill/Multisamples/Ghost of Autumn/Dead foliage/Dead foliage-056 Ab2(1).WAV
            ./1010music BlackBox/Magicwill/Multisamples/Ghost of Autumn/Dead foliage/Dead foliage-052 E1(1).WAV
            ./1010music BlackBox/Magicwill/Multisamples/Ghost of Autumn/Dead foliage/Dead foliage-072 C4(1).WAV
            ./1010music BlackBox/Magicwill/Multisamples/Ghost of Autumn/Dead foliage/Dead foliage-060 C3(1).WAV
            ./1010music BlackBox/Magicwill/Multisamples/Ghost of Autumn/Dead foliage/Dead foliage-048 C1(1).WAV
            ./1010music BlackBox/Magicwill/Multisamples/Ghost of Autumn/Blue sky/Blue sky-060 C3(1).WAV
            ./1010music BlackBox/Magicwill/Multisamples/Ghost of Autumn/Blue sky/Blue sky-040 E1(1).WAV
            ./1010music BlackBox/Magicwill/Multisamples/Ghost of Autumn/Blue sky/Blue sky-056 Ab2(1).WAV
            ./1010music BlackBox/Magicwill/Multisamples/Ghost of Autumn/Blue sky/Blue sky-052 E2(1).WAV
            ./1010music BlackBox/Magicwill/Multisamples/Ghost of Autumn/Blue sky/Blue sky-036 C1(1).WAV
            ./1010music BlackBox/Magicwill/Multisamples/Ghost of Autumn/Blue sky/Blue sky-064 E3(1).WAV
            ./1010music BlackBox/Magicwill/Multisamples/Ghost of Autumn/Blue sky/Blue sky-048 C2(1).WAV
            ./1010music BlackBox/Magicwill/Multisamples/Ghost of Autumn/Autumn dreams/Autumn dreams(1).xpm
            ./1010music BlackBox/Magicwill/Multisamples/CMI/Old String/Plugin 001-3-052 E2(1).WAV
            ./1010music BlackBox/Magicwill/Multisamples/CMI/Old String/Plugin 001-3-040 E1(1).WAV
            ./1010music BlackBox/Magicwill/Multisamples/CMI/Old String/Plugin 001-3-044 Ab1(1).WAV
            ./1010music BlackBox/Magicwill/Multisamples/CMI/Old String/Plugin 001-3-048 C2(1).WAV
            ./1010music BlackBox/Magicwill/Multisamples/CMI/Old String/Plugin 001-3-036 C1(1).WAV
            ./1010music BlackBox/Magicwill/Multisamples/Modular/Simply stereo/Plugin 001-Auto sampled-088 E5(1).WAV
            ./1010music BlackBox/Magicwill/Multisamples/Modular/Simply stereo/Plugin 001-Auto sampled-096 C6(1).WAV
            ./1010music BlackBox/Magicwill/Multisamples/Modular/Simply stereo/Plugin 001-Auto sampled-092 Ab5(1).WAV
            ./1010music BlackBox/Magicwill/Multisamples/Modular/Simply stereo/Plugin 001-Auto sampled-084 C5(1).WAV


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              I made a post yesterday listing some duplicate files in the library but it seems like it needs to be approved for some reason... we'll see if this post goes through!

              Anyway, thanks for the great sample library! Loving all the different multisampled pianos.


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                Ah yes, thanks to you i notice some double files in "Orchestral" folder. If i get your post it would be great, i will fix others files a soon as possible.
                Your welcome Walkie, i will continue to feed this library with new samples.
                In the same way, if you've got some stuff to share, contact me in private message


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                  Looks like my post above was approved, which has the complete list of duplicates. Thanks again!


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                    Ok perfect, i fix all duplicate files. I think the first time i upload it failed but some files were still there. Thanks you !


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                      Thank you, magicwill. I was looking for some orchestral samples 48k!
                      And the other will be great to have as well.
                      I know it’s a lot of work, so chapeau to you.


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                        I updated the library with some multisampled synths and orchestral Instruments :
                        - Casio CZ1000
                        - Multivox MX22
                        - Oberheim Matrix 1000
                        - Sequential Circuits Prophet-6
                        - Oboe, Clarinet, Violin, Trumpet, Cello

                        => 134 new sounds ready to use.

                        In addition i uploaded a lot of drum loops.

                        Have fun !
                        Last edited by magicwill; 06-08-2020, 09:59 PM.


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                          magicwill brilliant stuff! thanks


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                            Thanks for this. I haven't dived in yet but I'm about to start a new project and new sounds are always inspiring.