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    Hello ,

    I've added ~80 different sequence samples from a Moog DFAM (all @ 80 BPM) up to the Google Drive today. You should be able to evenly slice each sequence into 8 slice to isolate individual sounds from each sequence.

    I've grouped them into related patches. I've not got the ability to recreate any of these presets though

    Enjoy! Let me know if you're inspired by any of them!


    • magicwill
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      Great job ! Thanks

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    How do I obtain access to upload a folder? I have some nuggets I'd like to share.


    • magicwill
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      Hello Jacoment! Give me your email adress and i will create a folder for you

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    Thanks to Magicwill, I have uploaded some multi-samples to the library
    They are organised into folders by source.
    We have some patches I created for the Peak, and some from the SE-02. We have a set of sounds from the Yamaha CP and a kind of greatest hits selection from the Proteus 2000 synth.
    Finally, there's some multi-samples of three instruments, a rather the worst for wear Mellotron, A similarly old Taurus, and a Shruti box.
    As a default, I'm sampling every semitone, at one velocity layer, and limiting the number of orctaves because of the sample file limits on the Black box. One can of course create folders with fewer sample, spread more widely in tone, should you wish

    Thanks again to everyone else who have contributed.


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      Hi Phil, great samples!
      I used to own the proteus 2000 and I had some regrets about selling it, thanks for the samples!

      I am sampling the Yamaha FB-01. A 4-operator, 8 part multitimbral digital FM synth module.
      A lot like a DX7. But a little more wonky.
      The first patches are in my folder: Vali.
      Will upload more later.


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        Thanks, Alexander .... I'm downloading the FB-01 files and will listen over the weekend