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MIDI Controller mapping to pads issue

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  • MIDI Controller mapping to pads issue

    Hi all,
    When assigning controller pads to trigger (gate mode) pads I can't stop the controller pads from triggering all BB pads concurrently, each transposed to the controller pad's note. Is there something I'm missing? All pads are set to mono (rather than poly).
    I'm using a Korg nanoKontrol Studio (USB) set to Ch2. BB is set to Ch 2 globally as well as in each individual pad.

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    Set the Global MIDI Keys to OFF. Global MIDI Pads to ch1. Send MIDI notes 36-51 to trigger individual pads. No need for Pad level MIDI.

    KEYS = will transpose as you play other notes.
    PADS = will forward MIDI directly to Pads for more conventional triggering.

    Of course, there are exceptions, workarounds, and other situations based on your particular needs and/or setup.


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      Thanks, Steve. This looks super straight-forward. Nevertheless, I might be overlooking something as I'm not getting any pad action.
      -Set Global MIDI Pads to Ch 1, Keys to None // Pad level midi IN/OUT: None, Pad Note: default
      -I am using a midi monitoring app to verify that I'm sending the right data: Midi Ch 1, pads 36 to 51.
      -I am able to midi 'learn' control on parameters across the BB so I know BB is receiving data
      -no action on the pads though.

      I must be overlooking something basic somewhere.
      Thanks in advance!


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        Hey Dariis.
        I'm wondering if you've found a fix for this. I am having the exact same issue.


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          I haven't seen this issue myself. I have heard that you may want to try starting with a New Preset as opposed to working with a blank micro SD card.


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            I found the problem with my setup.... It seems that my x-touch was transposing down 2 octaves from whereI had it mapped. All good now. Maybe this will help Dariis.