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New firmware multi sampling issues

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  • New firmware multi sampling issues

    Hi, I’m getting some weird issues when working with multisamples in blackbox:

    1. when editing wave files and assigning the root key, sometimes it will delete EVERYTHING in the folder and create a file at the root of the sd card called -WRITETEMP-.WAV, it’s kind of annoying. I noticd this also happens whe procesing audio files (trimming and saving)
    2. When using the multi sampler tool, it leaves a blank space at the beginning of the sample and I usually just go one by one and trim it, but can’t figure out how to avoid this

    I am using 1.5.J. Are these bugs previously reported or could this be a problem with my sd card?

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    1. does this happen when the only edit is setting the root note? Does it allow you to save that wav file? Can you give me more specific repro steps? I would like to investigate this. I think I get what you are saying - just want to be sure.

    2. Curious.... did you first hear this or see this? I can see it and have logged it. How much space are you seeing and what were you sampling? What was your setup?


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      Hi Steve,
      1. Noticed that happens when trimming the samples also, and it saves the generated wav file on the root folder from the sd card. I reformatted my sd card, as someone suggested in the fb group, and so far everything seem fine, havent used the blacbox a lot this last couple of days.

      2. I noticed a very subtle lag on the notes and then I realized that after triming the beggining of the sample it was gone. You can also definitively see it when zooming into the begining of the waveform. I am using a Roland UM-ONE-MK2 to sample from AUV3 apps inside AUM in the iPad

      Thanks, I keep exploring the triming and editing samples to see if happens again.


      • Steve
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        Editing a comment
        How much space are you seeing?