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Setting levels for line level inputs and outputs.

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  • Setting levels for line level inputs and outputs.

    I received my Blackbox yesterday and am really enjoying exploring the instrument.
    According to the manual, the Blackbox operates at modular levels. If I am sampling line level sources, is there a recommended gain setting to bring the signal up to modular levels for sampling (ie. +6db or +2db gain)? Likewise, what is the recommended attenuation on the Blackbox output level for a line mixer? I am looking forward to hearing what is working for everyone.

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    From my short experience, it is always possible to tame Blackbox level with any mixer. But recording is another story : Pushing line level equipment to an acceptable level induce distorsion. I often use Blackbox to sample one part of a mix. As of now, I split the gain in two : on mixer at the higher level with no distorsion and the balance with input gain on BB. At this point, I would probably go for Eurorack audio interface like Intellijel audio I/O which will fix this definitely.


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      I also found that comparing the monitored signal with the original can help get you close. I use the ALT bus on my Mackie to do this, as you can mute and unmute the source being sampled.