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  • Multisample limit question

    Hello good people of 1010 Music

    on the release notes for 1.6 Aaron states:
    • Automated mutlisample recording. Please note that the feature will allow to record up to 127 notes by 16 velocity layers. The firmware will only support 64 samples per pad--so choose wisely.
    does this mean we will never be able to load more than 64 samples in a multisample pad?

    I was already dreaming of setting up a few drum kits and instruments beyond that.


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    Originally posted by View Post
    does this mean we will never be able to load more than 64 samples in a multisample pad?
    No, but that is the limit for now. How many do you need?


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      • In order to obtain a complete piano sample set (for anyone into that), 88 is the number
      • Io cover 8 octaves you'd need 96 samples. and that's also a useful range.
      • My midi controller of preference is a Linnstrument 128, as is for at least a couple of other people I know in the forum. So, for that, 128 would be great for loading a widely encompassing drum kit .
      • The range of notes the Blackbox can sequence, from C-1 to B9 is 132. that would be ideal. Both for dynamic multisample instruments that evolve in timbre as you move across octaves; and for complete drum kits, while occupying only a single pad. Especially with the 16 shared voice pool (great new feature btw)

      I guess the answer would be as many as you can. I'm not sure if you face some sort of technical limitation with regard to this, but 132 ideally.

      Once again, my highest praise to your team for hearing out your customers!


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        even the greedy ones like me


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          Originally posted by Aaron View Post

          No, but that is the limit for now. How many do you need?
          Hi Aaron! I only now getting around to recording multi samples and WOW! This is amazing. It works flawlessly with my setup. Thank you and the team. My question is the same as Jose. Can we have more samples per pad? Don't get me wrong 64 is wonderful but 128 (I work with a Linnstrument as well) would be AMAZING.

          Thanks for your consideration!


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            Hi Quasimonastic, I too think the multisampling is a great thing, quick and easy.

            But I'm curious to know, do you also get the little gap at the beginning of each sample?

            For me, without trimming every single wav, which is tedious, it just let's down a great feature. Hope it's fixed in a firmware update!



            • Quasimonastic
              Quasimonastic commented
              Editing a comment
              I double checked Steve and I do not have any space/gap at the beginning. Conversely, I haven't tried capturing anything with a crisp attack time so I may have to amend this.

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            Thanks Quasimonastic

            I only really notice the lag when playing back multisampled drum hits and bass. Pads etc are more forgiving!!