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Import Pad or Sequence from Any Preset

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  • Import Pad or Sequence from Any Preset

    It would be useful to be able to import a complete pad (For example, a multisample instrument complete with all level, launchmode, ADSR and polyphony settings, or a granular sample with start, end, grain settings and loop points intact) into a new project instead of having to load the folder and build it from scratch.

    It looks like at least with multisamples you can copy from the original preset and paste into the new, and it will preserve the settings, but you still have to reload the folder full of samples. You can do that with granular as well, but as soon as you replace the sample, the granular settings are lost.

    I'd also like the ability to load sequences from other presets while in the sequence screen. There would be a load button at the top of the screen and it would basically use the same interface as if you were loading a preset, except once you chose a preset, it would show a sequence view (maybe have the selection in green instead of pink in order to differentiate from the seq view of the current project) and let you load your selection into the highlighted sequence of the current project.
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    Great idea. This could also be helpful with being able to seamlessly move from preset to preset during a set. Will be able to mix certain elements of the next preset. Hopefully they move this to the wishlist thread.


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      Which firmware version do you have installed?


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        Currently I'm using 1.5.j


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          Yes. Already posted that idea of sound presets...its a big time killer for me.
          And its structure is nearly there as you already can copy sound pads and all the setting (ADSR, Filter, Multisample...) from one preset to another.

          I do not use the sequencer so...
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            Sorry, didn't see it, otherwise I would have added a +1 to your thread. Yeah, it would be an incredible boost to the workflow. The sequencer is not great, but I have a Keystep Pro, and the BB sequencer is a little better for backing up and visualizing KSP sequences than the MIDI control center.