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  • Effects Send/Return Help

    Is anybody using the Audio Out & Audio In as an Effect Send & Return?

    Wonder if anyone can help me out with a step by step on how to achieve what i'm after without worrying about feedback or audio-in on other channels/pads.

    So I've setup the BB with...
    - Stereo out from Audio 2 on BB to effects module
    - Stereo in / Audio In on BB
    - Playback all audio on Headphones Channel

    I'd like Audio 2 out to be my permanent 'fx send' channel. So that if I have any channels I want to send to effects I can just send the audio out that way.
    Then I guess I just have one pad/channel dedicated to bringing it all back in via the audio in.

    - Hardware setup as above
    - Set pad 13 to 'Out 2'
    - Set pad 14 to Monitor L&R Audio In

    So far this will works in sending the audio out to effects and I can hear what's coming back in. Not sure if its just coming back on the pad 14 channel (but i can see it in the monitor status bars) or if its over everything?

    What i'd like to be able to do is to mute the sound coming from Pad13 as I can still hear the clean sound from the pad as well as what's being returned. But when I mute it, it mutes the signal.

    Would be great do to a video on this 1010 music guys! Aaron

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    We didn't really design for that scenario. Let me offer the following suggestion that will come close:
    • Use Out 1 as your master output. Assign you primary elements there. Headphone has a mixdown of everything and will include the dry effects signal, which you don't want
    • Use Out 2 as your effects send. Stuff you assign there will go completely to the effects bus and you will need to mix the wet/dry externally.
    • Use Audio In as your effects return. Open an blank pad and set RecMon to On. Set Mon Output to Out 1 (your master). You can then use the pad for something else. You will just always hear the Audio In.
    Let us know if this does not help.


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      Ah awesome Aaron! Thanks for the prompt reply!
      didnt realise that the headphones was a sum of everything, that's what was going wrong
      Sounds like if I follow what you've suggested that'll work just fine.

      Will report back to this thread onc I've checked as may help others too!


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        Works great! Thanks Aaron, it would be great if in future firmwares we can select what to send to the headphones output