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Blackbox 1.6.4 Bug

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  • Blackbox 1.6.4 Bug

    I got my Blackbox a few weeks ago and love using it for recording quick sketches and ideas whenever I’m not in the mood to start Ableton Live.

    I updated From 1.5.J to 1.6.4 a few days ago and am noticing a weird filter behavior which was not occurring before.
    Since installing 1.6.4 the filter sometimes audible reset itself to 0 when loading a different preset although visually it still is on the correct position. The only way to get it back to the correct position is either turning the device off and back on (unplug/plug) or wiggle the filter knob a little so Blackbox notices the position.

    for example: when loading a preset where the filter on pad one is set to 60.0% it sometimes sounds like it is set to 0.0%. When wiggling the filter knob a little, it suddenly sets the filter correctly and is fine until saveIng and reloading the preset again.

    I can’t really tell why it is happening and recreating the bug scenario is not always the same. However it happens more often when I don’t stop the playback before loading a new preset. (rarely it even sounds like an LFO controlling the filter, basically jumping between the zero and the set position).

    Anyway it is kind of annoying having to unplug the device every now and then because the filter behaves wrong.

    I might try to go back to that version for now

    I was wondering if it is just happening me or if it is a known bug

    Thank you!

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    Thanks for letting us know. We will take a look.


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      Hi Aaron

      I can report the same. I use a Tenori On to trigger the BB as a 16 channel sampler - no sequences or clock running. The Tenori only transmits note on, off and midi volume. After installing the new firmware, a kick filtered down to say -60 on a saved preset, would trigger at 0, even though the display said -60. If I turn the filter dial, it will go to the correct place and *mostly* stay there, but also there are random hits where the filter comes through at zero, despite the filter setting. I rolled back to 1.5 for now.

      Thanks for all the work developing the machine for so many different use cases


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        Originally posted by Aaron View Post
        Thanks for letting us know. We will take a look.
        Hi Aron,

        Where you successful in reproducing the bug scenario?

        I went back to 1.5J and it turns out that it is happening on that version too, I guess I just didn’t notice before.
        For now I am back on 1.5.1 where I didn’t come across this bug so far.

        It would be lovely to know when this bug will be ironed out, since it is still happening in 1.6.5 unfortunately.

        Thank you very much!
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