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How to use BB sequencer controlling external gear aside beatstep pro sequencer

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  • How to use BB sequencer controlling external gear aside beatstep pro sequencer


    I'm a Blackbox noob so far, but I already love its features after having it for 48h now.

    I have a beatstep pro and a keystep controlling the BB pads and keys.

    For live situations I love to use the beatstep pros internal sequencer.. The thing is, when I let my keystep control a "muted" pad (that is configured to send out midi signals to the external gear) and record it into a sequence, I also record the midi signals coming from the running sequencer on the beatstep pro.

    This might be a trivial question (or not?), but.. Is it somehow possible to let the blackbox only record a sequence played in from a single midi source? Kind of excluding other sources? Or is there a much easier way to achieve what I want and I just can't see the easier solution to this?

    thx in advance
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    Have the same question too!!!


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      same problem here... need some exclusion / preference on the midi channel recording. i saw another threat err sorry THREAD about it :

      ps : even worse, if you stop your bsp in order to record the ONLY midi channel you want to record, the BB is going back to her own tempo...


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        I see this request. I would recommend adding feature changes/requests to the wish list thread as that is where we look for inspiration.

        Please be specific as to how you would like the change to be implemented so we understand the need and not just the feature. Every bit helps. Thanks


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          before whish list, maybe we shall discuss it ? well i would say that, for ME, it would be SIMPLER if MIDI CHANNEL TO BE REC ONLY (kinda) would be located here: /tools/main, in the first pannel, there is a blank space, left/bottom : "midi rec channel only" : ALL/1/2/...16. please don't put it at the pads level, it would be really not convienient for "play/live" recording. and the pad pages are already really crowded. imho.

          channel midi REC exclusion may be great (for other users than me), so this could be located at the pad level, in pads/midi : a blank space can be filled with : excluded from midi rec : no / yes. of course this midi channel REC exclusion option should rules : meaning if midi rec only is set 1, no other midi channel will be recorded, but if set to all, THEN the exclusions option should occurs. if you choose 5, you would not be able to rec it if already excluded. meaning exclusion can protect from a false choice in midi only.

          my 2 cents